Climate Change is Altering Animals' Genetics and Physical Traits

Admin | Published 2016-11-13 15:54

Climate Change is not just changing Earth's physical landscapes. According to scientists, it has started to change animals' genetics and physical traits.

Scientists said that climate change has provided animals the means to undergo evolutionary adaptation. The study titled, "The Broad Footprint of Climate Change from Genes to Biomes to People" that these natural alterations will force the scientists to perform their own human-assisted evolution. John Pandolfi of the University of Queensland, who co-authored the study said that temperature extremes are causing evolutionary adaption in many species, changing them genetically and physically. He added that these responses include changes in tolerances to high temperatures, shifts in sex-ratios, reduced body size, and migration of species. In an Independent report, the news outlet said:
For example, six species of woodland salamander in the Appalachian Mountains have undergone an average eight per cent reduction in body size over the past 50 years. Slightly smaller lizards might not sound like something to overly concern humans, but there is evidence this response is also affecting important sources of food.
Smithsonian highlighted the species which may be adapting to climate change. This includes pink salmon's migration and spawning patterns.
The need to migrate is so strong it is even written into their genes. In Auke Creek, Alaska, one pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) population is migrating about two weeks earlier than it was 40 years ago.

We won't know, this evolutionary adaptation can make 'Penguins' fly.

The animals have forced themselves to adapt otherwise, climate change will eradicate the species before our eyes. Adaptation does not also guarantee survival.
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