World's First: This is What Traveling in Dubai's HyperLoop Feels Like. Mindblowing!

Admin | Published 2016-11-13 13:03

Dubai's Hyperloop One will soon get you to Abu Dhabi for just 12-minutes! But do you know exactly how it can get you there and what traveling in it actually feels like?

Just in case you didn't know yet, this US startup is working in getting Elon Musk's vision of super-fast traveling pods into a reality. Now this US company announced that it's going to build world's first hyperloop system in Dubai, UAE.

HyperPod Terminal of HyperLoop One / Photo by HyperLoop One, video screenshot

It usually takes 2 hours to travel Dubai's 159-kilometre (99 miles) distance to Abu Dhabi and vice versa. HyperLoop One will get you there for just 12 minutes! That means you're going to breeze through the hyperloop in 1,220 km/h (760 mph)! That's the same as traveling to Abu Dhabi in a commercial plane!

Go to the your reserved, self-driving HyperPod.


The pod wheezes out from the terminal to a pod entrance/exit.


The pod joins other three pods to form a 4-pod cluster. Then gets in the transporter capsule (right).


The capsule gets inside the loop. Ready to go!


Speed away to Abu Dhabi!

  The 4-cluster pod may be a combination of a coach pod, meeting pod, lounge pod or cargo pod. You may reserve your pod through an online reservation system like you would in Uber. Traveling inside the hyperloop is possible because of its electromagnetic motors on a cushion of pressurized air. The controlled low pressure allows the pod to travel in such high speeds. The researchers are hoping that the pods can take you out to exactly where you want to go. That means it should be able to travel along other vehicles in a road network too. The HyperLoop One wins against its financial and technological hurdles, it should be able to give the people of Dubai a utopian-like experience in 2020. Watch HyperLoop One's full video here.
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