400 Dead Penguins Killed by Unlikely Four-Legged Suspects, Shocked Biologists!

Admin | Published 2016-11-12 14:39

Almost 400 dead penguins were found decomposing in an island in Argentina. The suspects were not voracious creatures who devour their prey. You'll be surprised who were behind these killing spree!

Biologists from Research Center of the National University of Southern Patagonia, or UNPA discovered almost 400 hundred decomposing bodies of dead penguins all over the island of Quiroga. These experts were on to their annual census count on November 1. They discovered that the penguins were just left for dead. There were no signs that the penguins were devoured as only tooth marks were found all over the penguins bodies. There were no signs of them being eaten. Bird-watchers in the area reported that they had seen four dogs crossing the 60-meter gap to the island a week before the incident. The reserve covered by the biologists have thirteen colonies in its sphere. The Magellanic Penguin colony that was being attacked is one of those colonies. The deadly attack took a staggering 12 percent of its total population. A total of 20% has diminished after the colony laid its eggs last October. One of the researchers said, "The Provincial Agrarian Council is currently enacting a more comprehensive monitoring off the island, which is very close to the coast, to detect whether the dogs cross into the reserve again." The population of the stray dogs in the surrounding area has been growing that in time this will become a common incident in the island. Esteban Frere, one of the professors and researchers of the center said, "This is something new that we've never seen before in over five years work there. It's an extraordinary phenomenon, but our concern is that the dogs have learned to swim and could do it again." See: The Truth About the Cheating Penguin 70 Giant Car-Sized Stingrays' Alarming Mysterious Death!
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