This Smart Tech Monitors Grannies' Restless Wanderings! Amazing!

Admin | Published 2016-11-06 10:37

Teen develops a wearable technology that will keep your wandering seniors safe. This is a smart technology that makes caregivers' lives easier in caring for their Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

The tendency for our elderly to wander their way out our homes to around town is unsettling. The fifteen-year old teen from New York, Kenneth Shinozuka, invented a wearable technology that was initially designed to keep his grandfather safe. The three challenges Shinozuka faced in designing the in-sole alert technology is creating the sensor, designing the circuit and coding the smartphone app.

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Shinozuka came up up with using a film sensor where he printed on an electro-sensitive and pressure-sensitive ink particles. The film sensor is comfortable and can fit snugly to the user's foot. The circuit he needed to design should be able to measure pressure and electrical resistance. A wireless circuit is also needed for connectivity and to aid the smartphone app. He is lucky to find out about BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that is light and energy-efficient.

Teen inventor Kenneth Shinozuka and grandfather with Alzheimer's

See: Dramatic Decline of Dementia in US Linked to This Unlikely Factor, new study says This alert technology for Alzheimer's and dementia patients can alert or notify the caregiver that the patient/user is on the go. An in-sole sensor attached to the bottom of the sock right on the soles sends the alert to a smartapp. Their new SafeWander Bed-Exit Alarm Sensors can now be attached to the patient's clothing. It relies on a gateway attached to an outlet near the bed. It also monitors the patients' position whether sleeping or standing up. This technology is useful for in-care facilities. One of the recommendations in their website is from of Dr. Ron Simpson, President of Granny's Place, Inc. says, "SafeWander is superior to any bed-exit alarm we have ever used in our residential care homes." Kenneth believes that sensor technologies can help improve the lives of the our elderly while also improving the lives of their caregivers.
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