A Modern Miracle Brought By Science Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk!

Admin | Published 2016-11-11 19:00
Another successful innovation towards a futuristic world will soon make paralyzed people walk again! A brain implant, which they call, brain-spine interface can restore movements of those who suffered from spinal cord injuries. The interface looks like a mini chip that's implanted in the brain. The device was tested to monkeys, and had promising results! [embed]https://youtu.be/OWNZ5axNadk?t=3%20[/embed] According to research leader Prof. Gregoire Courtine, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, in a few years, the brain-spine interface will be tested in humans in clinical trials. Tomislav Milekovic, one of the authors of the study, said in the interview that the implant will be a great help to people with paraplegia. He added, "a future in which people with paraplegia use brain-spine interface to walk again is exciting."

It's a miracle, dawg!

The Courtine lab is the company behind this health revolution. It's been a decade since they started conducting studies to make paralyzed people walk. Now, they are only a few steps closer to their goal! Milekovic added that the spine-brain interface has a potential to help all people who had car or work accidents that damaged their spine, as long as these people still have working "descending motor axons". This is a specific portion of the spinal cord that most people with spinal injuries are not affected. Source: researchgate.net
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