Large "UFO" Crash in Myanmar Mine Shocked Villagers!

Admin | Published 2016-11-12 11:06

A large cylinder as big as a mini bus crashed near a jade mine in Myanmar. The loud boom and smoke made the villagers think they're in a war.

The UFO, this time called as "unidentified falling object' crashed on the morning of November 10. The villagers heard a loud boom with vibrations that made them think they were in a war. The cylindrical giant looking like a grey extended focal lens crashed in a muddy portion of the Lone Khin village near the jade mine. It was reported that it ripped through a jade miner's tent before landing. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Unidentified Flying Object (Photo by Myanmar Times)

The object is reported to be 12 feet or 3.7 meters long and 5 feet or 1.5 meters wide. One of the villagers Ko Maung Myo told Myanmar Times, "I think it was an engine because I found a diode and many copper wires at the tail of the body. It also looks like a jet engine block." The government officials would still have to examine the large debris to fully identify it. One government official from the Department of Aviation said that the "UFO" debris looked like a rocket booster than part of a commercial plane. It was said that in every satellite or rocket launches, debris get accumulated in space and orbiting around earth. According to NASA 500,000 space debris are orbiting our planet since 2010. 20,000 of those are larger than a softball. Mark Matney of NASA's Orbital Debris Program Office said that the odds are only 3,200 of someone getting hit by a debris after launch. What do you think is this unidentified flying object?
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