This Facial Feature Marks Your Evolution and Birth! Surprise! It's not a birthmark.

Admin | Published 2016-11-11 16:49

The facial groove marked your evolution.  It becomes a commemorative feature for that biological event when you began to grow inside your mother's womb and become a human being.

Known as philtrum in humans, it's the vertical groove that extends from the nasal septum to your cupid's bow. It is one of those parts in the human body that had already lost its function but has been retained as a feature. The philtrum is like a key to the puzzle that fused all our parts together during our development within the first 2-3 months in the womb.

Philtrum the Mark of Your Human Evolution

Its importance in our embryonic growth could leave a mark to its failings. That's why there are people who have a cleft lip. The philtrum area during the development failed to fuse. There are also people who seem to have smooth philtrum or none at all. It is a condition that is called fetal alcohol spectrum syndrome. Their mothers may had been drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Those lack of features may be accompanied with small eye openings and thin upper lips. A broader philtrum is also found out to be one of the abnormalities related to autism. The philtrum is also one of the facial features that are surgically changed to improve peoples' attractiveness. Some wanted it less prominent, longer, shorter or less prominent. So next time you look at that part of your face in the mirror, remember that part marks your evolution. It deserves a froth of champagne on your birthday!  
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