This is How You Can Hypnotize a Chicken, For Real!

Admin | Published 2016-11-11 10:04
This trick may make you look like a 'Chicken Whisperer' in Old McDonald's farm. That's cool. But does hypnotizing a chicken really make them lay eggs? Inducing chickens to lay eggs sounds unusual as it is right? Much less, hypnotizing a chicken. See: Happy and Free Chicken Gives Superior Healthier Eggs? Truth Finally Cracked! Weird as it may get, you can induce chicken to lay eggs with forced molting but not through hypnosis. Also, chicken hypnotism is a real thing. The first known reference in chicken hypnotism was in written by Althanasius Kircher in Mirabile Experimentum de Imaginatione Gallinae in 1646 in Rome. To hypnotize a a chicken or to put in into a trance, you need to hold its head down against the ground while drawing a line with a stick, a finger or a chalk from its beak going outward around its head in a circular motion. The hypnotism will put the chicken into immobility, unable to move between 15 seconds to 30 minutes. The hypnotized chicken will continue to stare at the line drawn. A book of H.B Gibson Hypnosis - its Nature and Therapeutic Uses states that the recorded period for a chicken to remain in hypnotic trans is 3 hours to 47 minutes. There are other methods of chicken hypnotism other than drawing a line around its head. One is you can lay the chicken on its back. Run your hand from its head above its wattles then down to above its butt or vent. The only known practical purpose of hypnotizing a chicken other than getting yourself out of boredom is when you need to medicate a chicken. Didn't you know that the United States military performed an intentionally boring press briefing and coded it as "hypnotizing a chicken"? It is a method the military used to avoid divulging information to the public. It is 25-minute dull Powerpoint presentation. A 5-minute of questioning is left from those who are still awake.  
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