Video Of The Massive Tesla Gigafactory Is Jaw-Dropping!

Admin | Published 2016-11-11 15:00
Elon Musk mentioned in several interviews that they will be establishing a gym to test the hazards of AI. Maybe, what he was talking about will be a part of his massive Tesla Gigafactory in Storey County, Nevada. Youtuber, Duncan Sinfield, traveled East to get a good view of the Gigafactory. He brought with him a drone, and a quality 4K video recorder. The result? Sinfield shocked himself. [embed][/embed] Though, Sinfield had an idea that this Tesla Gigafactory is huge. He never thought that it's dumbfounding big the moment he went up-close. Tesla Gigafactory is only 14 percent finished, by the way. Though merely completed, the factory had its grand opening last July, and is now functioning. It is a humongous machine that creates machines, according to Musk. It's where the electronic cars are tested. In the hope of saving the planet, the company is now producing enough vehicles that leave no carbon print to replace all the fossil fueled cars on the planet. Despite of Tesla Gigafactory's immense coverage, it's the most environmental-friendly factory on Earth equipped with solar panels, and uses renewable energy. The factory is expected to be fully completed in the year 2018. To give you an idea how big this factory is, Musk said it's about the size of 50 Billion hamsters. The unit of measurement is quite odd, but we get it. So, thank you. Musk, you never fail to amaze us.
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