China Lake Reduced to a Shocking Grassland, 6X Size of NY!

Admin | Published 2016-11-09 18:14

Drought has caught on faster in one of the freshwater lakes in China. By almost six times bigger than New York, this body of water has almost disappeared.

Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China. It is sprawled in the province of Jiangxi. The lake usually maintains a size of 3,500 sq km but the recent drought brought the lake's size down to 200 sq km. That is a very huge leap from its regular size and considering that this lake was a sprawling 6,000 sq km in the Tang Dynasty.

Photo: Xinhua

  Now the lake looks like a large grassland. It was reported that tourists can now walk on the former lakebed in the Duchang county with flowering aubergine plants as though they are in a vast flowering field. Three rivers, the Gan, Xin and Xiu rivers that connects to the large Yangtze river feeds the lake. Poyang is known to be abundant in freshwater shrimps. The lake is also known source of water for its nearby ricefields. The water in this lake has been declining since September with a low-water level that was less than 12 meters. Last Thursday, the water had dropped to 10.6 meters as measured by Xingzi hydrological station.

Photo: Xinhua

The deputy director of Jiangxi's water resources department said that the early low-water period may be partly blamed on Yangtze River's decreasing water level as well as human activities and reduced rainfall. It was also reported that the finless porpoises living in the lake and migratory birds may have also influenced the reduction of water in the lake.  
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