Elon Musk Announces How Robots Will Help Humans Get Easy Money

Admin | Published 2016-11-09 20:00
The world of robots and advanced AI is becoming clearer every day. The vision of a futuristic planet where humans and robots coexist is becoming more vivid. Every successful experiment and AI invention serves as a step nearer to this world. Several reports even conclude that in the near future, human workers will be replaced by robots. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, also claimed a robotic world is near. Musk forsees the same sight for the future. He said robots will take over the jobs soon, but according to him, it's actually a good thing for humans. In fact, Musk's research team had recently opened an 'AI gym', where they can conduct experiments about robotics. Musk said that this gym is established to research more about the safety of AI use. In an interview with Musk with CNBC, he said that the goverment will pay the people's wages while robots do the work. Musk says, "there is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation." Switzerland has already agreed to universal basic income for their people that amounts to 2,500 Swiss francs ($2578) a month. On the other hand, Obama mentioned last summer that the universal income will be under discussion in the years coming. Musk added that when this happens, people will have more time to do more interesting things. Humans will have more time for their self. The and the universal basic income is the answer to have more "leisure" time. "And then we've got to figure out how we integrate with a world and future with advanced AI," said Musk. I never though it'll be this soon, but I'm excited to see Robocop(s) come to life.   Source: independent.co.uk
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