7 Hilarious Robot GIFs You've Never Seen Before!

Admin | Published 2016-11-09 17:00
Technology is changing fast. Some reports even predict that in a few years, robots will be replacing workers in the factories, even in the offices. Some see it as a good thing because people will finally have more leisure time for their selves. While, others see it daunting. In the back of these successful talking robots, and futuristic AI's are thousands of experiments, as well as failed inventions. Yes. Weird robots exist, as well as weirder, odder, and truly hilarious ones that can make us laugh! Who knows? We might see these robots in SNL, soon.

Walking, Merely Two-Legged Robot

Every grocery store should have this..to make super hyper kids behave.

Construction Worker Robot

A warning for other workers: This robot snaps. Don't piss it off.

Robot Cows

This robot really looks like a cow. But a lot less cuter.

Robot with Arm Mobility

Someone teach this robot how to eat an Oreo!

Robot Chef

The robot doesn't seem happy with his work.

Dog Robot

Whoever did that prank to this robot is SO mean.

Dancing Robot

  This robot dances better than I do.
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