Stupefying Science GIFs That Will Make You Feel Smarter

Admin | Published 2016-11-08 17:00

Today's technology lets us see the marvelous world of science. From the tiniest molecules to the inconceivable vastness of the universe, people have access to witness them all in one click. These science experiments and files are not only shocking, they also open our minds and our eyes to a much bigger reality existing around us. These science GIFs are the best example. Get ready to get your mind blown. Surely, you'll feel a lot smarter after seeing these awesome GIFs:

1. How happiness looks like in the brain


          This is what happens in the brain when we are happy. It's magical to see a myosin protein dragging an endorphin along a filament in the brain. Is it just me, or the myosin protein looks like it's having a good time? Those seem like a happy feet.

2. How Jupiter protects the Earth from asteroids

[embed][/embed]   Jupiter has been a real friend of the Earth ever since the world began, literally. True friends got each other's back, they say.

3. How global warming change through time

This made me appreciate the weather 10 years ago.

4. How bad your car will look like when you drunk drive

No chance. You know what to do: do not drink and drive.

5. How it is like to be like water

[embed][/embed] Just how the water move is magnificent.

6. How scary nuclear weapons are

A GIF to remind us to pursue love and world peace.

7. The not appetizing side of strawberries I never thought strawberries have a weird phase in their life.

8. For people who don't have a heart Broken hearts can heal, says science.
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