These 7 Moving Sculptures Used A Bit Of Science, The Results? Staggering!

Admin | Published 2016-11-07 05:37
Modern art has been creatively evolving. This humongous world we have today, has allowed artists to explore a huge room of resources. These imaginative minds didn't put science aside for consideration. Besides, art and science have been working together ever since to change how we see the world. So, here are some staggering moving sculptures to keep us moving forward to a world we never knew had existed:

1. 3D-Printed “Blooming” Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

  Can you believe this art is made using only a 3D printer? John Edmark is the artist who made these art series he calls, “Fibonacci Zoetrope.” The artworks are playable, and hypnotizing. One can definitely just watch them move all day.

2. Ferrofluid Lamp

The ferrofluid lamp is a product of nanotechnology. Made by Inspired Designs, this jaw-dropping decoration used magnetism to make the black fluid move. I mean, your lava lamp is cool but ferrofluid lamps? It's mind-blowing-I'll-tell-it-to-my-friends-and-strangers cool.

3. Mask by takashipom

This mask gained its popularity on Instagram. It surely crept-out the soul of many users. While others find it as a genius work. It used a little bit of robotics to make the eyes and the mouth move in a very unsettling way.

4. Wave Cabinet by Sebastian ErraZuriz

This cabinet comes artsy and useful. Its prodigy design lets it have several functions. It can be an aesthetically appealing storage, a bench, a house decor, and lots more.

5. Jim Le Fevre's 3D stroboscope for Sbtrkt

This giant 3D stroboscope will fool our eyes, and entertain our very being. How this artwork is made is certainly enthralling. Careful computations were made to successfully portray moving cats. Seeing this artwork is an explicit experience of surrealism.

6. Liquid Nitrogen In Nanotechnology

Another creation using ferrofluids, this futuristic sculpture is like something you'd see in Alien Vs Predator kind of movies. Yes, it's scary, but still breathtaking.

7. Theo Jansen's Strandbeest

Theo Jansen spends most of his life creating sculptures that use kinetic energy to move. These structures are made with plastic yellow tubes, and Theo, really calls them 'animals'. I wouldn't mind adopting this thing he sees as a dog.
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