EpiPens Got Life-Hacked for the Better? There's a $30 Alternative!

Admin | Published 2016-11-06 12:00

EpiPens are usually priced at an exuberant $600 tag. As much as some people will bet their life on it, some just won't. Someone who's also allergic to an expensive price tag took an initiative to create his own.

If it saves your life, it must be expensive. In third world or developing countries, they simply just give up. Major pharmaceutical companies like Mylan have raised the prices of EpiPens in the course of 9 years.  The company set the price tag at only $94 in 1997.

Photo: Michael Laufer

But Michael Laufer, the lifehacker responsible for the DIY $30 EpiPen alternative want a way out of that medical capitalism, well not for himself but for those people who needs it. FYI he doesn't have allergies. He and his friends at the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective created the EpiPencil. They published an instructional video online on how to make their own EpiPens or EpiPencil.

Michael Laufer EpiPencil

Michael's EpiPencil is a spring-loaded syringe that everyone can use even without proper training. You must have a prescription for the epinephrine to complete the set. But with all these, the backlash is unevitable. Bioethicists like Jennifer Miller sees something discomforting about all this. She says that the medical devices need to undergo regulatory evaluations, which Michael's EpiPens haven't. USA alone has  15 million people who have food allergies. There are also 200,00 emergency room visits per year that were accounted for food allergy reactions according to Food Allergy Research & Education. See: Researchers Develop New Patch That Can Help Prevent Deadly Peanut Allergy Reactions
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