Monogamous Penguin No More! The Truth About the Cheating Penguin

Admin | Published 2016-11-06 09:17
Penguins are the poster children of monogamy. The recent penguin cheating scandal that grazed the Internet leaves a dent in their reputation and breaks a lot of hearts. A penguin's cheating frenzy has caught the attention of the Internet which was shared by National Geographic Wild on Twitter. It's like Brangelina all over again. I believe the whole penguin ordeal is relatable. People are suddenly putting their opinion and their sentiments about the cheating penguin and the cuckolded¬†husband. The homewrecker? He was winning the fight.   It's the breeding season and the husband penguin came back to his nest only to find out that his wife had cozied in with another penguin in their own home!


Ready to challenge his authority over his brood and his love for his wife, the jilted penguin bolted towards the homewrecker for a bloody fight! It went bloody alright. So bloody for the already heartbroken penguin husband. He he was losing the battle. Worst, his last appeal to his wife was left in rejection. The cheating wife chose the homewrecker! In the penguin world, their motto is "true love waits," well temporarily. So maybe the the cheating penguin wife has found his soulmate in that homewrecking penguin. Or maybe she'll be cheating again. Penguins are monogamous, but they can be serially monogamous. That means they may have 2-3 partners in their lifetime. Come on, you all know that for yourselves. What I feel sad about though is that a lot of human beings at one point could relate to each of those three penguins, the cheating wife, the jilted husband or the homewrecker. It's a sad reality for human beings too. See: Unlikely Four-Legged Suspects Surprisingly Killed 400 Penguins!
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