Crack from a Solar Storm Detected on Earth's Magnetic Field

Admin | Published 2016-11-05 18:33

A burst of solar flare hit earth last year. The crack it caused on our earth's magnetic field is unprecedented.

GRAPES-3 muon in India detected spike of the cosmic rays on northern atmosphere. That same data detection covered the radio blackouts across North and South America and the supercharged aurora borealis which is created when charged particle's from space hit the earth's atmosphere. The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India analyzed and simulated the recorded data of the massive galactic solar ray burst that was taken from June 2015 solar storm. The plasma particle burst out from the surface of the sun running at speeds of 2.5 million km per hour as it hits the earth's magnetosphere for two hours. That strike shrunk the earth's magnetosphere to 11 times to 4 times the radius of the earth. See: Electromagnetism Proven a 'Constant Fundamental Force' Everywhere in the Universe The magnetic field bent the said particles about 180 degrees from the day side to the night side of Earth where it was detected.
The simultaneous occurrence of the burst in all nine directions suggests its origin close to Earth. It also indicates a transient weakening of Earth’s magnetic shield, and may hold clues for a better understanding of future superstorms that could cripple modern technological infrastructure on Earth, and endanger the lives of the astronauts in space. - © 2016 American Physical Society
  Magnetic shield protects the earth and its inhabitants from harmful UV rays and solar radiation. There is nothing to worry for now. Experts said that the earth's shield is only temporarily cracked.  
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