50 Smoked Cigarettes Will Cost You One Cell Mutation, new research says

Admin | Published 2016-11-05 17:26

Smokers will finally have something that they can 'count' on. 50 cigarettes and one mutation. That's two and a half pack of cigarettes for every chance of cancer.

It is comforting for smokers to not be able to count how many Russian roulette spins of cigarettes will send them to the cancer ward. But this new research in Los Alamos, New Mexico will change that. Dr. Ludmil Alexandrov at Los Alamos National Laboratory identified mutations caused by smoking by studying and comparing tissue samples of 1,,063 non-smokers to/and 2,490 smokers. This new research found out that in every 50 cigarettes smoked one cell in your lung undergoes mutation. Someone who smokes 20 packs a day collected in a year 150 DNA cell mutations per lung, 97 per larynx cell, 39 per pharynx cell, 18 per bladder cell and 6 per liver cell. Tobacco is a concoction of more than 7,000 chemicals, 70 of which are cancer-causing. DNA mutation needs to strike up the right cell, the right gene to activate cancer. To simply put it, the more cigarettes/tobacco smoked, the more DNA mutations and the more chances of getting cancer. Quitting smoking may not reverse the already mutated cells but you may save yourself from new mutations that could strike up a cancer gene. It's never too late to quit smoking.
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