This Beetle's Defense System May Harm Your Dog!

Admin | Published 2016-11-05 10:13
Warning to pup parents, this breed of beetle may cause harm to your dogs. If your pup loves the outdoors, make sure to always check your dog's mouth after every play outside. The Asian lady beetle may look like ladybugs or spotted ticks. These beetles may cause discomfort and may harm your dog's health if they get attached to your dog's mouth.  

Photo by Bill Eaker /

  Although these Asian lady beetles' may not have liked to live off inside your dog's mouth, their defense mechanism may have caused them to. It's in their biology to secrete a mucus if threatened. Bailey, a pooch owned by Frances Jiriks, was lethargic and was foaming in the mouth. Dr. Lindsay Mitchell of Hoisington Veterinary Hospital was able to remove 30-40 beetles holding on to the roof of Bailey's mouth.  

Photo: Hoisington Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

  The longer these bugs stay in your dog's mouth, the lacerations and corrosion could get worse. You can remove these bugs in your dog's mouth by your self, saving yourself off from vet expenses, according to Dr. Mitchell. She said that just remove the ladybugs with a spoon or tongue depressor. The picture of Bailey's mouth with the Asian lady beetles has horrified pet parents. But the chances that this can happen to your dog is very slim. Although Dr. Mitchell said that this is not the first time that she had seen this unusual ailment. Source:  
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