Researchers Develop New Patch That Can Help Prevent Deadly Peanut Allergy Reactions

Admin | Published 2016-11-04 11:50
Researchers over at DBV Technologies have developed a new way to combat peanut allergies, and it's as easy as sticking a patch onto your arm. This new research could allow for people with deadly peanut allergies to avoid puffing up and reaching for their EpiPen just because someone decided to open a Snicker's bar on the subway. The skin patch, which works by slowly introducing raw peanut extract to the skin, had a %48 success rate in reducing strong allergic reactions in users after 52 weeks of use. Compared to %12 for placebo users, this new treatment could help save lives of people with strong peanut allergies by reducing reactions 10x. That means that people who could have a reaction triggered by a very small amount of peanuts in food or even in the air could worry a lot less about having a reaction in everyday life.   Of the 74 patients (aged 4-25) two had severe reactions to the treatment (hives and blisters), but side effects were mostly just red & bumpy skin. Some research suggests that Westerners are more likely to have peanut allergies than Asians because of how peanuts are prepared in each region (roasted vs boiled).

Joffrey must have been a Westerner 

  What do you think about this new treatment? If you had (or have) peanut allergies, would you try something like this despite the side effects? What if it meant you could stop worrying about small traces of peanuts in all the food you eat? Let us know in the comments!   Source:      
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