The World's First: Hydrarail a Zero-Emission Train

Admin | Published 2016-11-03 13:43

The transportation industries around the world are looking for sustainable means to mobilize their growing cities. This hydrogen-powered train will be one of its kind in the world.

Image Source: Alstom / Michael Wittwer

The hydrarail or Coradia iLint is technically a zero-emission train. It only blows off excess steam, basically water into the atmosphere. It is set to be introduced by Germany. Testing is scheduled by the end of 2016. It will open  to the public in December 2017. The train is from a French company Alstom. The company based their new hydrarail on the service-proven diesel train Coradia Lint 54. The Coradia iLint train technology was first unveiled in the InnoTrans trade show in Berlin. It is said to be manufactured in Alstom's biggest site in Salzgitter. [embed width=600][/embed] Coradia iLint can travel to almost 500 miles per day at speeds that can clock to 87mph. Lower Saxony has already secured the order of 14 of these trains. They can serve as an alternative to 4,000 diesel-powered train in Germany.
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