Two-Headed Sharks' Frequent Discoveries Baffled Scientists. Find out why!

Admin | Published 2016-11-03 12:19

Discoveries of two-headed sharks have gotten more frequent in the past years and just recently. This has baffled scientists and experts.

Photo Credits to Christopher Johnston / National Geographic

A two-headed shark embryo was discovered recently. It is among the 797 stored embryo in a medical research lab in Malaga, Spain. The embryo is known to be that of an Atlantic sawtail catshark. It is an egg-laying or oviparous species of shark. A couple of two-headed blue sharks were discovered in 2008. One is a fetus discovered inside its mother off Australia. The other pair is an embryo discovered in the Indian Ocean. Scientists looked into the causes of mutations. Inbreeding, overfishing, viral infections and metabolic disorders may have caused this two-headed genetic abnormalities. It was also said that the ability to produce many eggs for bull shark females may be have caused the genetic mutations. More chances to produce means more opportunity for abnormalities.
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