Teen Discovered Lost Mayan City via Google Maps!

Admin | Published 2016-11-02 21:22

An ancient Mayan City was discovered by a teen after studying star charts and constellations. Who would have thought that his sheer curiosity would lead him to such promising discovery!

The discovery of the said Mayan city by a 15-year old William Gadoury, was done almost virtually. He did all those research activities with never spent a single penny for an actual exploration. Lucky parents!

Photo: National Geographic

The virtual runabout happened when the teen discovered that the 22 constellations he was studying matched the 117 Mayan cities. These cities are scattered across Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. It took him to the 23rd constellation to realize that there was a mismatch somewhere. The teen used Google Maps to confirm the star location. He traced that there should be a Mayan City hidden somewhere in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The potential site of discovery is in Campeche, Mexico. Photo by Canadian Space Agency Some experts have already debunked Gadoury's discovery. They however commended the teen's independent and critical thinking skills. Daniel De Lisle, a Canadian Space Agency project manager hopes that he and the teen could go to the Mayan site together someday. See: Piled-Up Pyramid in Mexico Discovered
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