5 Transparent Creatures You Never Knew Existed. Be amazed!

Admin | Published 2016-11-02 17:15

Transparent creatures are a rare sight to see! Learn more about them here. Amazing photos of these animals await you!

Who would've thought that animals or living things other than the jellyfishes can never be transparent. Most transparent creatures are in the deepest part of the ocean, so it's understandable you can't see one that easily. For regular people, seeing them is similar with traveling to Mars! Hold your horses, because you will discover more amazing things that Mother Nature has to offer! 1. Simplex Clearwing Butterfly Clearwing butterflies are usually small. These butterflies are members of milkweeds.

Photo: Albert Kang

  2. Atlantic Portuguese Man o' War / Blue Bottle Also known as agua mala, this creature may look as harmless as a candy but this animal actually has venomous tentacles. This blue bottle creature is actually a colony of highly specialized animals called zooids or zoon for an individual.

Photo: Yama

  3. Phronima Phronima is a deep sea creature which is considered as a parasite. The female phronima usually attacks the same transparent creature called salp (shown in #4) by hollowing them out.

Photo: Twitter

  4. Salp Salps are tubular or barrel-shaped creatures. They go often in deep see in chains. Salps have the most efficient jet propulsion skills in the animal kingdom.

Salp chain, Pegea sp., 9 miles off San Diego, California

  5. Leafvent Anglerfish Leafvents have bioluminiscent capabilities like most deep-sea creatures. Male leafvents use their glow to lure females.

Photo: Pinterest

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