5 Adorable Animal Pairs That Give You All The Feels!

Admin | Published 2016-11-01 12:41

Nature has a way of melting our hearts with the cutest, adorable animals that come in pairs.

You know how girls go giddy when they see Justin Bieber. Or go ditzy when you see Miley Cyrus with Liam Hemsworth. You know the drill. Grab 'em pillows as you watch the cutest little things that come in pairs that Mother Nature has to offer. 1. Spicebush Swallowtail larvae

Photo: Kristen Gilpin

Look at this cute little pair and that one big sisterly glare! It looked as if big sister is looking out for her cute little brother saying, "Watch out where you're going." Spicebush Swallowtail larvae develops in three stages. Big sis is in her last stage before it is set out to become a butterfly. 2. Rainbow Lorikeet These two lovebirds looked like they never wanted to be apart from each other. Check that dreamy over-protectiveness look of that male lorikeet. What a Romeo!

Photo: Lesley Smitheringale

  3. Puffin Aye! Aye! I can hear church bells ringing! They're showing some real puffin lovin'. One of them could be the flirty The Mighty Sven without Gloria.

Photo: Emma7

Puffins like penguins can swim, but unlike penguins, they can fly. 4. Red-eye Tree Frog They say love keeps one hanging in a balance or keeps you holding on? I think these two tree frogs did both of those fabulously like Tarzan and Jane. And that frog back hug? Sweet!

Photo: Jonathan Sequeira

The red eye is the tree frog's defensive adaptation. The camera guy must be thwarted as a threatening third party. 5. Possums These two possums look like stepbrothers / amazing comedy duos, don't you think? Don't they remind you of Will Ferrel and John Reilly?

Photo: JD Mallory

When you have to convince the camera that you're ferocious but you landed in the cutest spot instead. Photos: ProjectNoah.org
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