5 Freakiest Creatures Straight Out of Alien vs Predator! Sort of.

Admin | Published 2016-11-01 09:05

Nothing inspires alien movies more than these creatures bred by Mother Nature.

I am not sure if you notice but those beast-like creatures in alien movies seemed like Godzilla versions of something as harmless as a fly or something as microscopic as a flea? And you think blowing these creatures up to a size of a human or a size of a building made all that difference? Just because the size of mother nature's babies in the movies can send you flying into pieces with just a flick of a finger, you think that's what makes up their badass factor? Well not until, you see these freakiest creatures up close in their actual size. Check out the macro shots made possible with powerful camera lenses. Just make sure there's no chance you'll be shrunk to a size of an ant by your parents when watching this list of 10 Freakiest Animal Photos Straight Out of Alien vs Predator! 1. Jumping Spider

Photo: Matthew Duncan

Also called Phidippus audax, you can tell that this insect's name calls for a nemesis with a name like Optimus Prime. You can not even describe the many freaky things that are going on in this creature's face. 2.  Hemiptera eggs Imagine these sinister black eggs hidden in a secret underground facility. These insect eggs looked ready to propagate a giant species of destruction out into a metropolis.

Photo: MartinL

3. Tiphiidae Flower Wasp Having large, dark, ominous eyes  and pincer-like mouth of an insect could scare the wits out of anyone. Those eyes seemed like they could see right through you and could make you do things you wouldn't do otherwise. Those antennae send chills right to every nerve-endings. It's creepy. Enough said. Another fact about this insect, it paralyzes its prey. Oh chills!

Photo: JC Garcia

4. Porpita Blue Button This blue hydro-polyps look like a carrier of a new strain developed by Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation. What you're actually seeing is a colony of hydrozoan polyps which are creatures related to the jellyfish.  

Photo: Albert Kang

5. Aiptasia Mutabilis / Trumpet Anemone Those glowing tentacles look villainous. True enough, those tentacles hold venomous cells. Never allow those hundred limbs to get close to you. They could draw you to its center where its mouth is. Just wish you would not meet a giant version of this creature. Aiptasia lives in cold waters so don't expect it could warm up to you.

Photo: Tiago Almeida

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