Paralytic patients can soon get a pair of wearable exoskeletons!

Admin | Published 2016-10-28 01:00
Scientists from China and Denmark have designed wearable exoskeletons to help stroke and spinal cord injury patients walk again! This exoskeleton will feature natural knee movement that will help strengthen muscles. These wearable exoskeletons are part of wearable "robot-assisted training" which improves gait rehabilitation. Sadly, it wouldn't be the awesome exoskeletons we see in awesome games. But we might be getting there. The researchers, from both Beihang University in China and Aalborg University in Denmark, have designed these exoskeletons to improve comfort and willingness to wear it for gait rehab. The wearable exoskeletons can strengthen physical fitness and aid the rehabilitation training of paralyzed patients. The team focused on the knee joins, one of the most complex systems within the human body. The wearable exoskeletons will accommodate the motion of the human knee and even enable sliding and rotation. It is also consistent with the natural movement of the patient. Source: The Financial Express
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