Microsoft's Project Hanover wants to "solve" cancer

Admin | Published 2016-10-27 04:00
While other tech giants are busy trying to enslave the world with ultra-powerful artificial intelligence (kidding, but hey), Microsoft wants to "solve" cancer. That's right, its new Project Hanover wants to solve the Big C. How? Well, with machine learning, personalized medicine and artificial intelligence! Microsoft's Project Hanover is a big machine with a lot of cogs. It's split into mini-initiatives, each trying to solve a factor of cancer that cannot be solved all at once. It wants to use machine learning to help organize bits of information about biomedicine in order to help scientists piece information to save lives. For instance, machines can easily tell doctors drug combinations effective for certain patients without having to dwell much on diagnostic. Another aspect of Project Hanover is "cancer decision support." Doctors, with the help of AI, will be able to personalize treatments for cancer patients. This is also called precision medicine, as in treatments tailored for individuals. Project Hanover will also try to create biological cells themselves to fight diseases like cancer. The project will also be able to help scientists and doctors tackle hundreds of thousands of cases every year with precision and care. This helps them make more informed decisions about cancer globally as a whole, while AI is there to help make treatment as personalized as possible. Cool, right? Source: MAACenter
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