Goodbye, common cold! A New Vaccine just gave monkeys cold immunity!

Admin | Published 2016-10-27 02:00
It seems a team of researchers is making the impossible possible - a vaccine that can grant us cold immunity. That's right. No, not immunity to actual cold as in an MMORPG. But against the common cold. Rhinoviruses - the most common case of colds - are hard to beat because there's like more than 100 of them around the world. And while our immune system can handle this, it still helps if we get immune to them. Researchers report of a vaccine that combines at least 50 types of cold viruses has made a group of monkeys achieve cold immunity. The team, led by Martin Moore, PhD of the Emory School of Medicine, said they will soon try to apply a whopping 83-virus mix to humans to see if it works out. Research have already showed in the 60s that it's possible to vaccinate people against variants of the rhinovirus. But the problem back then is that there's just so much of them to handle. Until now. A mixture of 25 types of cold viruses have stimulated neutralizing antibodies in their mice samples, and more than 50 types induced the same response for monkeys. They're trying to apply for a product development plan so they could try this out for humans. Hopefully, this doesn't cause the first zombie apocalypse. Source: Next Big Future
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