Artificial burgers are taking the world by storm! But how is the industry reacting?

Admin | Published 2016-10-26 05:00
We all love burgers - and meat! This is why a lot of us resort to our guilty pleasures (junk food, fast food) regardless of our diet. So how does artificial burgers work? Sadly, a lot of us consumers are becoming concerned with animal welfare and the costs of raising animals. This is especially since a lot of modern production methods take a toll on the environment. As much as we love burgers, we have to admit this is pretty important as well. This is why a lot of artificial burgers also take on artificial meat. Sadly, a lot of people from the meat industry is starting to notice too. See the video below how the initial reaction is. But the real question is, are you pro-real burger, or are you into artificial burgers as well? Source: Reuters
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