Industrial Robots to get Deep Learning capabilities

Admin | Published 2016-10-26 04:00
Graduates and professionals are having a hard time to get jobs at the market. This is especially the case if a lot of companies are relying on robots for hard labor. But what if industrial robots also learn like us? The USA and Canada have been losing jobs to "offshore competition" for almost 50 years. Interestingly, while 5.6-million jobs "disappeared" in the past decade, 85-percent of these stemmed from "productivity growth." This meant more robots are working for us, but there's less jobs for everyone. Now it seems industrial robots are getting their fair share of education too using machine learning.  

Industrial robots, machine learning

Machine learning is offering new ways for industrial robots to program themselves through "practice." This is done by "reinforcement learning" or by "reinforcing" actions that leads to a certain goal. Robots learn shortcuts to their processes and shares them to a "network" of other machines. This means, by the time robots learn how to be adaptable, they can very well replace human workers. Source: The Big Future
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