What's your grade? China will begin to give citizen ratings

Admin | Published 2016-10-26 03:00
We're not joking, but it seems China is about to go full-big data on its citizens. It seems China will be using big data to give citizen ratings on everyone. And the basis? Everything they do. This score will be based on how exactly you follow rules or how you are perceive. For instance, not following regulations will cost you points. This "score" will be the basis of your trustworthiness and your capacity as a person. These points determine if you can loan money, go to school, or just even date. It's not Minority Report or Psycho-Pass, but it can be China in 2020.


One grade to rule them all

This is the country's very ambitious plan to get a "social credit system" or citizen ratings. These points will hopefully build a culture of "sincerity." Sanctions can be imposed on any person that violates these regulations. Privileges will be denied and people will be subjected to investigations. However, the system seems a bit overkill. They will collect every scrap of information available about you, your family, your friends, and even companies (in China, at least).

And then the system apparently assigns them a score. However, the exact details of the plan are still under the wraps. But the idea is that good behavior is rewarded while bad behavior is not. A lot of people think of this as one step closer to Big Brother and a totalitarian society. However, the system is also left vulnerable to hackers - especially if the Internet is their key place of interaction. Given how incredibly vulnerable some systems are, there's bound to be a complication somewhere. Will this system work? No one knows, but it's something worth watching. Source: The Washington Post
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