DNA sketching helps police find suspects without pictures

Admin | Published 2016-10-26 02:04
The DNA is a pretty powerful tool, and it doesn't just "identify" us. Turns out, DNA sketching is becoming a thing and it's helping solve crimes. This new technology is now slowly being used in actual police investigations to identify suspects. DNA sketching can help especially when DNA evidence won't flag anyone in an agency's index system. Pretty helpful? Very much! For instance, an incident last 2001 led to the unfortunate passing of Christine Franke. She was a 25-year old student from the University of Central Florida. She was found dead in her apartment a few days later after her shift as a bartender and waitress. While there were DNA evidence in the scene, a suspect has not been identified. Zoom in 15 years later and DNA phenotyping - the much more complicated term for DNA sketching - has finally sketched the suspect.  

Drawing with DNA

DNA phenotyping predicts the physical appearance and ancestry of the DNA's owner through special DNA sketching. The DNA evidence pointed towards a dark-skinned man with brown eyes, no freckles and black hair.

The evidence could hopefully solve the crime. This is a good way to help police agencies around the world to identify criminals especially if evidence is scarce. However it is important to note that the sketch is just an approximation. For instance, there are other factors such as diet, drinking and smoking involved that might change the overall appearance. Source: WFTV9  
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