Male Pill is one step closer to reality if the British are right

Admin | Published 2016-10-26 01:00
The historic male pill is a mysterious (yet widely-requested) commodity everywhere. It seems British scientists are one step closer to this "wonder" contraceptive. A "perfect" male pill not only makes sperm immobile, but also works fast and helps men be infertile for a few days. If made, this can transform the sex lives of millions of people. Decades of research are currently being spent to make a reliable alternative to contraception. Sadly, progress has not been made - until today. Scientists from the UK have made "designer compounds" that get inside sperm and stop their tails from wiggling. This stops them from swimming entirely.  

Wonder drug?

The pill works by sending peptide into the sperm. These peptides are amino acids that can stop the movement of a sperm's tail. This results to low motility or low movement, which raises the chances of infertility. If this works, then the potential pill will work a few hours after intake or just before the big action. The effects will be wearing off in just a few days. This is contrasting to the "pills" taken by women that stay with them for like weeks and even months at a time. If this male pill works, then a lot of family planning routines may finally come to fruition. The market for a reversible male contraceptive will also be huge, seeing it's currently earning $13-billion a year. Animal testing will begin in a few years thanks to a $175,000 grant. However, results are still too early to be conclusive. Source: Daily Mail
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