A $150 Cancer Gadget Detects Cancer Via Your Smartphone!

Admin | Published 2016-10-25 04:00
You can do a lot with $150 and a smartphone. After all, there are lot of gadgets and assortments to help you out. But did you know that a $150 cancer gadget can detect cancer with your smartphone? Granted, smartphone spectrometers are already in the market. However, they only evaluate one sample at a time. This makes the process a bit too tedious and slow for everyone. However, a research team from the Washington State University led to the creation of a $150 multichannel spectrometer that can scan multiple samples at the same time. They do this using optical sensors. Lei Li, assistant professor and leader of the team, found that their cancer gadget is effective and sensitive because of a custom prism array they built. Their cancer gadget is the first of its kind. They use the same sensitive level as other laboratory equipment. It can detect proteins and cancer biomarkers with an amazing degree of accuracy. The team used a custom prism array they have built via a hybrid manufacturing process. This makes it possible for the smartphone cancer gadget to scan multiple samples at once. The design so far was based on the iPhone 5. The team is currently working to make it compatible with other models. Source: Washington State University  
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