Dubai shows off future robot police force in 2016 conference

Admin | Published 2016-10-22 05:00
Robot police officers are soon to populate Dubai. The latest prototypes for this mobile bot force were unveiled in the recent Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. Various robot police prototypes were roaming the exhibit and greet guests. A scout was able to greet and shake hands of the attendees as well. There's a touch screen option that allows you to report crime and pay fines as well. And lo and behold, if can scan your face. It seems Dubai Police, Watson (the IBM supercomputer) and Google are working together to make a virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. Hopefully, with this technology, robot police officers can spot people from 10-20 meters away and even greet them. These officers will arrive in Dubai in 2017. They can be found in tourist areas such as Burj Khalifa, City Walk and GPR. Dubai officials also want them to cover a wider range by 2020.  

Where are the awesome stuff?

However, of course none of these robot police officers are like RoboCop. They don't have awesome weapons (yet) or hyper-cognitive functions (yet). But seeing that companies such as Google are having way too advanced developments in the fields of AI and robotics, well, we could only expect more surprises. Source: Gulf Business
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