Costa Rica has been renewable electricity-dependent for 2 months now

Admin | Published 2016-10-22 03:00
Costa Rica is this beautiful Central American country known for its good coffee, rich culture and its penchant for environmental sustainability. Yup, renewable electricity. That's right. Costa Rica has been running off of 100-percent sustainable renewable energy for the past 76 days - and counting. This was after other astonishing feats such as living off of geothermal and hydrothermal power for the past 150 days before that. And last year, the country was able to generate fossil-free electricity for 300 days. All of these were part of Costa Rica's plan to be carbon neutral by 2021.  

All in a day's work

Well, Costa Rica has access to a lot of river networks to help it rely on such different methods of energy usage. Its relatively small population of 4.87-million meant not a lot of energy is needed to power a regular household. Similarly, Ireland also has almost no need for wind, nuclear, biomass or fossil fuels to power its nation. Although it is far wealthier and far less populous than Costa Rica. But Costa Rica's achievements are no easy feat. Other countries with similar goals are having a hard time accomplishing this. That is because wanting to be carbon neutral meant restructuring their energy sector - from creation to distribution. Costa Rica is setting a good example on how it prioritizes its money and puts it to good news. Hopefully the world will follow suit. Source: Greenism
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