Do you want a pocket-sized drone? Amazon got you covered

Admin | Published 2016-10-21 04:00
What if you had a drone small enough to fit in your pocket? And what if you can control it with your voice? It's like having a handy assistant in your kitchen, right? Amazon got you covered. Amazon has just won a patent for a voice-controlled drone the size of your pocket. Because why not? Although the company said this technology is more suited for police searches than just being mounted on dashboards. If used effectively, these can even be used to find lost cars or children. It can also help hover over long lines, and tons of other convenient stuff. Example, a user can use the help of a drone to look for her care in a lot. The drone can reunite with the user once the task is completed. However, an app connected to the droid can send pictures along the way. It can even be controlled via voice if within speaking range. GeekWire even reports that Amazon wants a drone small enough to fit a purse. Below is such a concept.

For instance, such a drone can assist officers in emergencies or for simple tasks. If an officer is tasked to pursuit two suspects, he can chase one while the drone tracks the other. These little guys can even track small children. Imagine losing Timmy in the store? Your handy pal can help find him. This idea benches on the idea that these drones can be personal assistants. Of course, much of these ideas aren't legal yet. And Amazon would have to make the necessary legal moves to do so. Although it may be important to note that this is a big step for Amazon. Or a predicted one, seeing it's started its line for delivery-based drones. Source: Recode  
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