Google has more than 1,000 AI projects in the works!

Admin | Published 2016-10-21 03:00
When you think Google is done with its Deep Mind shenanigans, it seems we're not yet done. It appears Google has more than 1,000 AI projects in the works. Google has a slate of machines capable of "learning" on their own. Google Translate is becoming fancier, and its speaker Home is neat system. Its fancy virtual Assistant is also featured in the Pixel smartphone line. However, it seems Google is not done. Apparently, Google has more than 1,000 AI projects in various categories. This includes search, translation, maps and self-driving cars. "Deep learning" is the ability of an AI to train itself. AI projects with a good sense of learning are the main goal of AI development. Apparently this kind of developments have been around in 1980 and 1990. But it's only recently that companies like Google had a handle on its potential. Now apparently Google's Deep Mind has made mind-shattering discoveries recently. Counting the immense number of projects underway, Google may be on its way to achieve true artificial supremacy. Source: Fortune
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