All future Tesla cars will have self-driving AI systems!

Admin | Published 2016-10-21 02:00
When your company is named after the rival of Thomas Edison, you know awesome things are abound. For Tesla, self-driving AI is the future of driving. Tesla, in what appears to be a surprise announcement, said all their cars will now have self-driving capabilities. Execs said this self-driving AI will be safer and more capable than a 'human" driver. Speaking to CNBC, Tesla did say their future models, including Model 3, will have the hardware necessary to support this function. However, it may take time to get approval to use them. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told spectators they hope to make a "demonstration" from Los Angeles to New York by the end of the year. Of course, because this is how Elon Musk spends his free time away from space colonization.  

Tesla: All with the right tools

New Tesla cars will have eight surround cameras to provide full 360-degree visibility. Their self-driving AI will also support up to 250 meters of range. These cameras will have ultrasonic sensors to detect hard and soft objects. Tesla cars will also have a radar capable of processing data despite rain, fog and dust. Musk said this, combined with Tesla's over-the-air update, can provide good help to drivers. Although experts say offering this kind of service is not hard for car companies. The new method is, indeed, just a combination of various tools. Regardless, the company is making great strides in the realm of autopiloting cars. Not to mention, a lot of people already die every year because of manual crashes. Source: CNBC
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