360-degree Holograms: They're coming sooner than you think!

Admin | Published 2016-10-20 01:00
Princess Leia's hologram moment is one step closer to reality. A group of South Korean researchers have developed new technology to help establish full 360-degree Holograms. If this venture is successful, we might finally see actual holograms in their 3D, full-size and true-color glory!

Star Wars Hologram (from Tumblr)

Youngjum Lim and his team from South Korea pointed out that while their new technology has big impacts on a lot of fields, the process is pretty daunting. It involves compressing an electronic device to be small enough for a table top. However, it has to be powerful enough to render full-surround 3D images. The 360-degree Holograms must be viewable without special glasses and aid. While Lim and his team were able to make prototypes, the cost to mass-produce their technology is daunting.

Hologram Sample (from Tumblr)

Lim said the future of 360-degree Holograms must be commercial available, spatially light but is still capable of fulfilling its functions. His team is currently developing a window design for a tabletop. A virtual hologram can make a viewing window, and is aided by parabolic mirrors. However, their current models still have visual distortion, which they hope to fix in the future. Regardless, Lim said they are able to make 3.2-inch 360-degree Holograms that are viewable on any angle.

Iron Man Hologram (from Tumblr)


Future of 360-degree Holograms

Lim and his team's 360-degree Holograms are currently greenish in color. The problem with color will hopefully be solved soon. While we may not be able to communicate with fellow Jedi and Sith soon, this progress is stellar.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Hologram (from Giphy)

The arrival of virtual reality in gaming and this progress in in 3D technology means we can combine the two in the future. This technology could be used not just in gaming, but also in fields such as the military, medicine and even advertising. Lim and his team's research is currently published in the Optics Express from The Optical Society.

Iron Man Hologram (from Giphy)

Source: Business Wire
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