Exercising also improves our brain activity!

Admin | Published 2016-10-05 20:50

Working out makes us stronger, but does it do anything for our minds? It could , after the research on animals and humans.

In research with rats, there are clues that show exercising increases blood supply to their brains. One rat got to run on a running wheel, while the other ran on a treadmill for an hour a day. 30 days after, rats had a better blood supply to their brains. Rats who didn't exercise showed no increase.

Increased blood supply increases oxygen and energy supply, which means better performance.

The same study shows a group of rats that learned to run through an obstacle course. It was more of a learning task than a physical task, so these rats showed signs of more connections between the neurons in their brains.

With humans, these studies are only in a beginning phase, and the theory states if sports contain both exercising and learning, it should increase oxygen and energy supply, and also increase brain connections.

People who exercise more, keep more of their physical abilities as they age, as the recent study shows. Older people who have active physical life seem to have better results in tasks such as memory, reasoning, vocabulary, than other old people who didn't exercise.

Similar studies among young people had similar but diverse results, but most of them show there is the same difference as among elderly people.

To acquire such effect, you need to continuously exercise, because if you don't, the effect wont last for long.

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