Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall in Haiti; Creepy Face Spotted on Satellite Image

Admin | Published 2016-10-05 17:29
Category 4 storm, Hurricane Matthew, made landfall in the southwestern tip of Haiti with winds of 230km/h winds Tuesday. By nightfall, the powerful storm had caused 11 deaths. Phone communication has also been cut off with the hardest hit areas of Haiti which results to uncertainty to the current number of people who might be injured or dead. A creepy face was also noticed on a satellite image Tuesday morning as Matthew moved to Haiti. It appeared to look like a smiling skull with the hurricane’s eye actually resembling a fiery eye. The creepy resemblance was spotted out on Twitter by a senior meteorologist with The Weather Channel, Stu Ostro.   [embed][/embed]   Forecasters said Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida Thursday night.   [embed][/embed]    
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