Cannabis Reduces Creativity; Users Less Aware Of Their Mistakes

Admin | Published 2016-10-04 22:51
Cannabis users are said to have reduced creative thinking and are less aware of their mistakes. According to a research done by Psychologist Mikael Kowal on the effects of cannabis, cannabis users were less good at brainstorming, which is crucial for creative thinking. Kowal did experiments on 40 regular users. The control group for this research is 20 non-users who were given placebo. Kowal investigated the chronic and direct effects of cannabis on functions related to dopamine which includes ability to recognize one’s mistakes and creative thinking. Regular cannabis users’ brain processes which are involved in recognizing mistakes were also said to work less effectively. 'It is important that we gather more knowledge about the effects of cannabis on a person's ability to detect mistakes. This can help with putting together a treatment programme for drug addiction,' Kowal said. The said research illustrated the long-term effects of cannabis – disrupts the dopamine activity in the brain. For chronic users, a significant reduction was observed in spontaneous eye blinking’s frequency which indicates a reduction in dopamine production. More research is suggested since conclusions from other studies said that regular use of cannabis doesn’t necessarily have disastrous effects for dopamine takeup. Kowal said, “more research is needed on the effects of cannabis and on the individual consequences it can have on mental functions.”
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