Violence More Prevalent Where Women Outnumber Men

Admin | Published 2016-10-08 15:00
Men are said to be more violent when there are more women around. According to a comprehensive analysis of how numbers of men or women affect the US crime rates, there were lower rates of assaults and murders when men outnumber women. Ryan Schacht and his colleagues from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City analyzed sex ratio data from all 3082 counties in the U.S. and then compared them to the crime data for that same year. According to Schacht, when women are less, men tend to be more dutiful to win and retain a partner but with many women, men adopt promiscuous behaviors that usually bring them into conflict with other men, and are more likely to do sex-related crimes. “When women are rare they become a valued resource and this gives them more bargaining power over what they expect from a relationship. But when women are abundant, men become less committed to single partners and more interested in pursuing multiple relationships,” he says. “This brings men into conflict with each other in response to their more uncommitted, promiscuous mating orientation,” Schacht said. Men alter their attitudes to suit “supply and demand”. Video Courtesy from New Scientist   [embed][/embed]    
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