Chicago Doctor Suspended After Giving Vaccines Made Of Vodka and Cat Saliva to Children

Admin | Published 2016-10-01 05:00
For more than a decade, a Chicago doctor has been giving unapproved vaccinations to his patients, thankfully, officials have ordered an emergency suspension to this said doctor. Investigations revealed that his home-made vaccinations were modified by adding cat saliva and vodka, which he believed would help treat allergies. Many of his patients were children, even as young as seven days old. Dr. Ming Te Lin didn’t get busted for the last ten years since he appeared to be quite popular to those he’s been treating. Thanks to the complaints from health care providers where they reported children getting oral and nasal vaccination shots from Dr. Lin. The Associated Press said, "After hearing complaints ... investigators visited Lin's Flossmoor practice. They found a cluttered, unsterile office and 'a box filled with vials and tubes that [Lin] was using to make his own vaccinations." Lin, an allergist/immunologist, has been suspended from performing any medical procedure and will soon face hearing before the Medical Disciplinary Board on Oct.11. The said doctor will soon have to explain why he didn’t inform his patients of the risks associated with his home-made vaccinations. He also have to explain why he signed state forms that declare he had administered conventional vaccine shots to his young patients, when in fact, he had just made them take cat saliva and vodka.
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