1,700-Year-Old En-Gedi Scroll Unwrapped Virtually, Revealed To Be From The Book of Leviticus [Video]

Admin | Published 2016-09-22 22:22
The En-Gedi scroll excavated from an ancient synagogue in the 1970’s was just a charred scroll of parchment.  Said to be a 1,700 years old, it has just been “virtually unwrapped” through complex digital analysis and the texts are now readable. Instead of physically unwrapping the scroll, experts scanned the document and the flattened it virtually thus allowing scholars to read the texts. Lead author and Chairman of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky, Brent Seales, said, "We're reading a real scroll. It hasn't been read for millennia. Many thought it was probably impossible to read.” The charred En-Gedi Scroll sat in storage for more than 40 years until scientists decided to try the “virtual unwrapping” method for the first time to try and read its ancient texts. The newly unwrapped scroll is said to hold the beginning of the Book of Leviticus which is the third of the five books of Moses, biblical scholars said. Researchers said the En-Gedi scroll contained the earliest copy of a Pentateuchal book found in a Holy Ark. The En-Gedi scroll is different from the original Dead Sea Scrolls wherein a young shepherd discovered them in the Judean Desert caves in 1947. [embed]https://youtu.be/07EsQgu9k0g[/embed] Video courtesy from LiveScienceVideos    
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