Feral Cats Caused 26% of the Sixth Mass Extinction

Admin | Published 2016-09-21 23:24
New research discovered that free-roaming cats are key contributors in the end of at least 63 species of reptiles, mammals, and birds over the past 500 years, as published in the journal PNAS. As reported by Gizmodo, the study investigated sources such as the International Union for Conversation of Nature’s Red List and found how much predators contributed to the sixth mass extinction which is something scientists have been aware of but still don’t have the exact global numbers for it now.  


  Feral cats have caused 26 percent of the extinctions and were only second to rodents which caused at least 30 percent of the extinctions. Dogs, however, are behind a dozen species extinctions. Pigs, the small Indian mongoose, and red foxes are the other culprits to causing extinctions to other species.
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