Are You A 'Super-Recognizer' Of Faces? Take The Test!

Admin | Published 2016-09-24 14:00
If you witnessed a crime, would you say you can recognize the criminal out of 5 or more suspects presented to you? A Psychology professor from the University of Greenwich, Josh P. Davis, estimates that 1% of the population is considered to be “super-recognizers” of faces. He developed a 14-item online test to tell if someone is part of the 1%. You can take the test here. Davis notes, “If you do very well then you may be a super-recogniser.” You can also inquire about additional testing if you want to be sure. In 2009, a neuroscientist team from Harvard and did one of the first ever studies about super-recognizers. They identified four subjects who said that they can easily recognize complete strangers even just seeing them for the first time. What the team of researchers from University of Greenwich wanted to know is that if there were more super-recognizers out there which is why they came up with this test. This uncanny ability to recognize faces proved to be very helpful especially to some police units in the UK who used super-recognizers to help identify crime suspects. Research suggests that this ability is different from memory and is not to be considered as a skill that can be improved with training.
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