Queen's Freddie Mercury Has An Asteroid Named After Him

Admin | Published 2016-09-11 21:38
Once sang by Queen's late lead singer, Freddie Mercury: “I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky.” The rock singer has inspired everyone including Scientists that an asteroid was named after him.

Credit: ScienceNews.org

Asteroid '1991 FM3' is now being renamed to(17473) Freddiemercury by the The International Astronomical Union. Brian May, band mate, who has a Ph.D. in astrophysics and also his own asteroid named after him, announced the change over the internet in Sept. 4, a day before Mercury’s supposed 70th birthday. The asteroid, as its former named suggested, was discovered in 1991, the very same year of Freddie Mercury's death. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ceinwen21/2310298477/   Freddy Mercury's orbital path is sits just right in the asteroid belt in-between Jupiter and Mars, and has a width of 3.4 km. It orbits around the sun every 3.69 earth-years. Mercury (not to be confused with the planet) now joins a very long list of famous musicians to be remembered forever as floating rocks in the solar system. The list includes Frank Sinatra, Louie Armstrong, all of the Beatles' members, David Bowie, and other famous rock stars. Watch this YouTube video for the actual announcement on Freddie Mercury's very own comet: https://youtu.be/EAeGv7DE5OM Feeling the urge to listen to Queen's songs? Hit us with your comments below!
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